If you can read this, thank a teacher.

Ah, but who is not a teacher?

The title is a quote I read some years ago, and while there are many a thoughtful tribute written for teachers, many beautiful, heart-warming tales, shared, from history and the present, the profoundness of it struck me, and it has stayed with me since.

Every teachers’ day, my thoughts go out, to the countless people who’ve been a part of my life, and unknowingly or unknowingly, have left me with a lesson. Who do I thank on this day? My parents, for being so strong, for me, with me? The people who taught me to see real from fake? The teachers in my school, who painstaking brought each one of us up? My friends, and acquaintances, my critics who brought the best (and worst) out in me? The TV series, strangers, the strays? While there were many teachers we loathed for their methods and their strictness, they have, inarguably been the best ones, in retrospect.

There were many educators who tried to fit us in a mould, but the ones whose faces I see are those who put in their everything, their best, to help us become good people. I recall from school Raksha teacher from KG class, one of the earliest ones to believe in me, to the unpopular ones in junior and undergraduate college. Not to forget the ones who taught me a fourth language, including my rickshaw-uncle and friends. There have been many, many influences, and it is near impossible to recollect all of them here. To them, I’ve but 2 words to say – THANK YOU.

Also deserving of a special mention are the visionary people who rubbed off a little of their wanderlust onto me! 🙂 But for them, I’d never have discovered newer worlds, the dreams would be a little less adventurous.

But I’m especially grateful, to those who taught me how to learn, how to receive. I’m glad they still make people like them.

I’m in complete awe of a different set of teachers I’ve the fortune to work with this year – special educators. Ah, their patience. Their patience, compassion, empathy, and skill, are worth revering them for, and from what I observe on field, each day is a new challenge – which they happily accept and work around.

Teachers are not only people. The ability to edify, lies in all things animate and inanimate, one of the best Gurus is Nature itself.

Sthaavaram Jangamam Vyaaptam
Yatkinchit Sacharaa Charam
TatPadam Darshitam Yena
Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha. 

(That Guru who can enlighten us about the all pervading consciousness present in all the three world or states (of Jaagrath, Swapna and Sushupti … activity, dream and deep sleep state), I salute such a Guru.)


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