Of Likes and Follows

I love it when the block on the top right corner of the page lights up in a not-so-pleasant orange, revealing a dim star. Of course, this happens when someone likes a post that you’ve made.

(I think we should have a system on WordPress wherein one can make the orange block stay highlighted for how much ever time one wants, if only to drown the sorrow of not being up to actually posting, and then viewing the star in delight. This move go one step ahead in making a blogger feel good about himself, and would reinforce his trust in Humanity. What say?)

Of course, I also love it when someone follows the blog. I’m unsure of what that implies though, but I see it as somebody other than me acknowledging a post, if nothing more. Period.

That’s all I can inflict upon you at a time. 

I want you to keep coming back, you see.