The First Nature Trail – The Green Beyond The Grey.



What happens when a city-bred, concretised person goes, following what the tacky call ‘the voice within’ into the lap of Nature? The entity beneath the concrete emerges, and the city-bred recognises himself for what he is – human.

This realisation dawned on me as I made my 1st ever trip (okay, I’ve been to places before that haven’t yet been bitten by the development bug, and by the virtue of which, host the welcome sight of green; but then, those were official excursion trips organised by my college (read compulsory)) to a place not far from the city that can be, for convenience sake, called a forest.

A bird-watching trail, it culminated into a beautiful experience of sightings of various birds, and more importantly, coming in contact of people actually in tune with Nature (I’d come to think that such species of humans hardly exist). Nah, it’s not just all talk and no action. Various people, from different walks of life, in their own little ways bring Nature closer to us ‘civilised’ beings. They are those whom we see probably everyday. The college professor, the apparently good-for-nothing guy-next-door, the girl in our bus who is a tomboy, the school-going kid who can identify well over 100 local birds…

We learn today in a very definitive manner. We live our own lives and judge others by using standard definitions as the yardstick. But beyond it all lies the source of our origin. Soil. The place where we came from and the place where we eventually end up. It is important to stay connected with that part of our being, just to make our transition smoother, if not to create sustainability.

Pause. Listen around. You’ll probably hear ten different sounds around you. Noises maybe, if you live in a metropolis. Each tone has a different texture, a different depth. And when you start recognising this, you truly hear your own Self.


Oh, what a joy is it to be listening to whistling, chirping, cooing birds!