Sorting Out

Divided into compartments. Each

Containing a bit.

Seemingly different. Decisions

Bound though, to the next.

Previous somehow inspiring the next. Calm

The mind is anything but that.

Childish and impulsive, Words

That often set off moods unbeknownst,

A potpourri of emotions. The mind sways.

Decisions, those that never come easy.

That promise of tomorrow that keeps

the now going

love thy life, for today comes. And goes

away tomorrow.

Decisions many, that need much thought,

It all finally comes to a naught!


In Deep Contemplation – Memories of Tomorrow


In deep contemplation, the whole night I lay,

Thinking, of the things left unsaid.

And the things that need saying…

Dear ones shouldn’t be kept in the dark, they say.

Sleep evades me, as I wait, for the inevitable tomorrow.

Fear shrouds me, in part,

Mingled with the uncertainty,

The things that are to be…

Terror, the pain, that long occupied my heart,

I see, in your eyes, have they made a sojourn.

Trust me mom, it will all be long past,

The hurt, the pain will go away,

Leaving in its memory, only the tears of yesterday.

Another day will dawn,

The moon will again shine,

Proud we will stand, one day.

Life it is, it throws a googly,

Often when least expected,

But deep within is a bundle of courage,

That we must dig out,

And relish, in the succour that wisdom provides.

Oh mom, do not worry,

Your baby will be fine,

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls…..