Brand new.

What if it wasn’t the 2nd of January, 2015 today but some other day? Perhaps 31st December, 2014?
How different would the perception of the day be? Do we all live our lives so purposefully as to make each day count?
With the turn of a year, we celebrate new beginnings, renew our hopes, set or re-set our goals, and more importantly, look forward towards the future. But while looking ahead, do we also create a present that’s worthy enough of the future?
New year wishes are exchanged like crazy, with what the social media being on an all-time high. In the virtual world, are real relations retained? Worked upon?
There are hundreds for whom a new year would simply mean another year of survival. I pray that they get a fair shot at living this time around…
Given the number of terror attacks and diseases (global and otherwise) that marked 2014, it is a reassuring thought to think of the families of victims and survivors moving ahead in the direction of peace with the positive aim of forgiveness. I wish for them, strength.
I wish for all of us that we get more sensitive about the things happening around us, and give in to bringing about a positive change.
I wish that love prospers.


Welcome 2014!

With 2013 deciding to come to an abrupt end, there’s little left to do except wait in anticipation and hope for what the new year might bring. It is that time of the year again when graces are said, the Almighty lord is thanked for all things good, when every passenger on this mystery trip takes all things good and bad in his stride, and marches on.

It is that time of the year again wishes of peace and prosperity are sought; and the promise of a rich and colourful morrow fills up the gladdened heart.

There are going to be people for whom the year might have passed far too quickly – people like me – who’d look longingly at the year that has slipped by. And there are going to be those for whom 2013 lived upto its promises; those having lived in all moments of ’13, await expectantly the winds and the tides that this year, fresh and crisp, would bring.

All said, there’s no denying that 2013 was a special year; a year of redemption, of hope, of despair, of longing, of joy, of gut-wrenching emotions, and above all foraging new relations. Whether 2014 is to be a year of broken resolutions or new inspirations (not to forget yummy, melt-in-the-mouth cookies!), only time will tell, but while into it, make sure you enjoy the ride!

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That Innocent Morning…

It was a cheerful day that dawned. The chirpy, windy morning did not betray the events that were to unfold later that day. Children walked to school grumbling about the heavy homework, office goers cursed the crowds in the local trains, a few bitched about their bosses, happy to be away from prying ears, grannies discussed the latest twist in the daily soap, grandpas remembered the generation that once was…. All in all, it was an uneventful morning, or at least, as uneventful as mornings can be.

Evening. A whoosh of relief wiped across the mass of humanity as it worked towards winding up the day, as it made its way back home. Soon a son would meet his mother, lover counted minutes before he would be joined by his girl, a husband would meet his better half, a child awaited the warm, love-filled embrace of his mother.  Everyone worked towards reaching one common goal. The day was in perfect synchrony with plans.

And then the night unleashed terror. Bullets flew. Heartbeats quickened. More bullets flew, a grenade or two ripped. Ripped lives apart, dashed hopes, caused many a tear to be shed.

Lives were lost, it matters not how many. Some quick thinking, a lot of action, invaluable sacrifices. Still, the drama continued for about 60 hours.

Mumbai is a city that has a reputation of never slowing down. But that fateful day, heads drooped, and the mind, not fully registering the impact of what had happened, gave no more directions. Time stood still, as the city united to weep and pray for the ones lost.

The son never returned home, the husband lost his wife, and the child would never get the much needed embrace now. The lovers watched in horror and shock, and desperation made them walk on a path to a better tomorrow. It was on this day, five years ago, that it all started