Song of the Heart

(P.S. This be one of my 1st attempts at poetry writing. All the poets and non-poets alike, please pardon me!)

So softly did the river flow,

Smooth, in its unwavering path…

So silently did the wind blow,

Unruffled, through the meadows below…

It was a song that came out of his heart

Lyrical, carefree, but with a tinge of gloom.

It spoke of the battles of a lovelorn heart,

It spoke about the Vikings of the past,

It sang about the willowy fields yonder,

It dreamed of a surreal past…

Long forgotten tales,

Of dedication, sacrifice, love,

It sang to the boy,

Making him smile,

Through tears of joy.

As he looked yonder,

At the beauty ahead,

The willowy fields, the muttering trees

A falcon mounted up in the sky,

Its eyes telling tales of joy

Now all was fun, now all was glee,

Even though the wind blew silently.

To the boy’s heart it sung a song,

A tale of love, a tale of life.