10 Things School Did Not Teach Me.

One fine day, as I was pondering upon the days gone by, school, I realised it had left me inadequate.

In making decisions. In thinking on a broader spectrum. On looking beyond what is before us. And I came up with, what I can say, is a fair list of things I felt I didn’t realise while in school. Of course, that is not to say the list is absolute or that that education did not equip me with the ”weapons” needed to face the outside (read, real) world. (It makes sense as since I am writing this, I needed to know these things to comment on the lack thereof, just as one cannot perceive the dark without the knowledge of light.)


I most sincerely and humbly invite comments from fellow readers as to what you think of the whole business. (Yes, you are allowed to snigger/laugh if you realise after reading that nobody has, as yet bothered to comment. Be the first one. I will thank you from the bottomest of my heart! 🙂 )

1. Making mistakes is not bad

2. Excellence should not be looked upon as an ‘option’

3. It’s not, and never will be either ‘Academics’ or ‘Extra-curricular’

4. Being geeky/nerdy, or ‘different’ is cool, there are many others like that out there. It adds to the variety! 😉

5. Its important to THINK.

6. If you don’t conform to the ‘norm’, you are fantastic.

7. Out there, you’re on your own. Buckle up!

8. Nobody cares how much you ‘score’ as long as you retain your concepts right.

9. In the end, how much you score in your Boards or whether you ‘top’ or not doesn’t matter as much the skills you pick up on the way and the person you become does.

10. Whatever the situation, HAVE FUN.



Here in India, in Maharashtra and a few other states, school consists of Grade 1 till Grade 10. Grades 11 and 12 are considered ‘Junior college’ where you actually go to an institution (college) different from where you studied previously. Subsequent studies are continued in ‘Degree college’